Design Process

When my team first received the MAX_minimum design project we immediately got to work on brainstorming.  From thinking about the things in this building we don’t like, to the things found most appealing, we have come up with a happy medium on our design for the new East entrance.

The stairs out front have been solely used for traffic into the building, however there is never enough traffic to support the need for such a large staircase and so many doors, therefore the space is not being adequately used.  To solve this discomfort we believe that it would be more probable to instead have one smaller staircase along the side of the entrance, creating a congregating area out of the remaining space.

The enclosed staircase on the end of the building, past the offices, is not as readily used due to the fact that they are very claustrophobic. We will then cut the concrete to allow the stairs to be more open.  We also believe that it would be better to have a ramp extending from the sidewalk and traveling to a second story bridge. This bridge can serve as a primary entrance to the second floor main office in order to avoid prospective student confusion.

The view from the third and fourth floor offices shows other areas on campus, creating a visual connection from this college to the rest.  Since the view is so nice, we believe that students should have the opportunity to utilize this space, therefore we will turn these offices into patio style areas.  In order to have readily available access to these patios, there will be metal catwalks extending from the now open staircase to the third and fourth floor bridges.